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Quality Recruitment Ensures Success

We have been recruiting both Master Franchisees and individual franchises for more than 25 years. Successful franchise recruitment is all about understanding the needs of the candidate and NOT about selling a franchise.


Unfortunately recruitment is not an exact science, franchisor success is very much dependent on the selection process, one unsuitable franchisee can cause major disruption to the franchisor. Poor recruitment choices can lead to the failure of the Franchisors business.


Master Franchise Connections will help you to evaluate and train your recruitment teams. We activly involve the team through interactive role plays, interview sales techniques, personality profiling as well as surveying existing franchisess to determine the benchmark for success.


We also provide a full review of recruitment materials, manuals, brochures, point of sale, videos, social media, portal presence, advertising, press releases to name but a few. Where required we will assist in the development of replacement tools to ensure industry best practice.


Succesful recruitment requires a comprehensive suite of tools to allow your recruitment team the best chance for success. 

Thinking International Expansion? You need the right partners 

At Master Franchise Connections we   specialise   in  helping Franchisors to recruit quality partners.

We focus on the recruitment of both Masters  licencees and individual franchisees.

Our network of International Franchise recruitment partners enables us to recruit quality applicants Globally.



International Master Franchise Opportunities available with award winning International Brands.                                Take control of your own future!

There are 100's of franchisors all offering a wide range of services . The question is which franchise business can offer a profitable formula for ongoing success?

At Master Franchise Connections we work with a selected group of high quality award winning franchisors.

We  work  with  International Franchisors offering highest level of  support, training and coaching.

Quality applicants and high quality franchisors results in success.


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